Help "ČSOP Ochránce" to keep nature healthy and build favorable conditions for the survival of endangered species of animals and plants in the natural sites of all six areas. Thank you for all your gifts!
You can send a financial donation to a transparent account of ČSOP Defender No. 2301401579/2010. Please fill in the corresponding variable symbol (according to the specific location, see below). The most effective aid is regular financial support. Even small, regularly donated funds) have a price for us.

Overview of variable symbols:
13 - Kozmice Bird meadows
23 - Kobeřice Butterfly hillsides
33 - Raduň Wetland
43 - Krčmaň Quarry
53 - Meadow by the "Circle crossroad"
63 - Bystřice Newt lagoons
99 - general support

From your financial donations, we can realize our higher quality and financial demands. Every gift, whether it is in the order of units or hundreds of crowns, we value. It testifies to your deep confidence and support, which we greatly appreciate.